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Rethinking Financial Inclusion

Luxembourg - 25 October 2019 - 14:00 to 18:00

As part of Financial Inclusion Week organised annually by the Center for Financial Inclusion,
SikobaDe Kär and Etika organised a conference about alternative approaches to financial inclusion.
The main themes of the conference were: P2P IOU/credit systems, complementary currencies and UBI (Universal Basic Income)

Presentation slides and videos are available below.
Thank you to all our speakers, co-hosts and everyone who attended.


Presentation Slides & Videos

Conference Welcome
IOUs as Tools of Economic Autonomy
The Modern Hunter-Gatherer Manifesto

Alex Kampa

Alex is the founder of Sikoba, which is building an IOU platform on blockchain. He is a researcher in monetary theory and an expert on blockchain technology and consensus mechanisms.

Vulnerabilities in Mobile Money - Next Steps for Securing Digital Financial Inclusion

Tegawendé F. Bissyandé
University of Luxembourg MoneyBox

Tegawendé is a researcher at the Uni of Luxembourg. He investigates vulnerabilities in the mobile money ecosystem & is leading the SIGMMA / MoNeyBox initiative that develops a highly secured software stack for mobile money in Africa on top of a Blockchain infrastructure.

UBI Is Not What Most People Think It Is!
(Speech in German)

Alfred Groff, PhD
Psychologist, Activist, Author
(including a book on UBI)

Alfred holds a PhD in psychology, psychopathology and psychiatry from the University of Salzburg. He has written extensively on universal basic income, democracy & money, social threefolding, regional currencies and integral consciousness.

Why Integrate Into Capitalism? An Alternative Development With Alternative Currencies

Max Hilbert
De Kär / Beki

Max is the coordinator of Luxembourg’s only regional currency, the Beki. During his studies of communication science, he focussed on money as a social medium and wrote his master thesis about the “mystification of money.”

Financing UBI:
Not a Money Issue

Alex Hornung
Senior Manager at BIL

Alex works in the treasury department of BIL. The 2008 financial crisis awakened his interest for looking deeper into current economic and financial systems. He co-founded the Luxembourg UBI Initiative in 2010 and in 2016 co-founded the first housing cooperative in Luxembourg.

Time to Question the Link Between Money and Fossil Fuels

Jean Lasar

Jean Lasar, a journalist and climate activist, is launching the survcoin, a currency designed to stimulate carbon footprint reduction efforts and lead to the emergence of an ecosystem of decarbonising initiatives.

The Challenges That Microfinance Has Not Met...

Marine Lefebvre
SOS FAIM Luxembourg

Marine is responsible for the information and advocacy service of SOS FAIM Luxembourg, a development NGO that fights hunger and poverty by supporting sustainable family farming
in several African countries.

The Right to Work: Universal Basic Income vs. Job Guarantee

Aleksander Masternak
University of Amsterdam

Aleks is a researcher in political theory and tutor at PPLE College, University of Amsterdam. His research focuses on UBI, alternative economic institutions, post-work theory, and political realism.

The Challenges That Microfinance Has Not Met...

Alexandre Mortelette
SOS FAIM Luxembourg

Alexandre works as information assistant and deals with advocacy & political issues at SOS Faim, a development NGO working for food sovereignty through the development of family agriculture. He is also pursuing a master's degree in European governance at the Uni of Luxembourg.

How Cooperative Banks Contribute to Financial Inclusion

 Jean-Sébastien Zippert

Jean-Sébastien is the coordinator of Etika, which is a non-profit organisation founded in 1996. Etika aims to promote alternative financing and responsible investment, in order to promote access to credit for initiatives that give priority to social and cultural utility & international solidarity.

About the Organisers


Sikoba [] is building an IOU platform on blockchain: a system to register, track and clear debt. Targeted at small and micro-businesses in the developing world, its goal is to overcome the limitations of informal credit systems and reduce money dependency.


De Kär asbl is the initiator of the Beki [], Luxembourg's only regional currency. Launched in January 2013, the Beki is widely used in the canton of Reding today.


Etika [] is a non-profit organisation founded in 1996 which aims to promote alternative financing and responsible investment, in order to promote access to credit for initiatives that give priority to social and cultural utility and international solidarity.

Financial Inclusion Week 


Financial Inclusion Week [] is a week of global conversation on the most important steps needed to advance financial inclusion. Now in its 5th year, Financial Inclusion Week 2019 is an opportunity to strengthen the diverse community of players involved in building a more inclusive financial ecosystem.
The objectives of Financial Inclusion Week are:
- To bring the entire financial inclusion community together to explore issues of financial inclusion beyond access
- To create leadership opportunities among diverse stakeholders
- To create dialogue and community
- To foster partnership and coordination within the financial industry

Conference Organisers:

Alex Kampa, Sikoba

Max Hilbert, de Kär 

Jean-Sébastien Zippert, Etika

Conference Address:

House of Startups / LHoFT,
9 Rue du Laboratoire,
1911 Luxembourg

+352 691 46 85 81

+352 691 88 82 95

 +352 29 83 53